Why You Should Avoid Free IT Recycling

At Absolute IT we are proud to offer an affordable, cost-effective service that eliminates the risk of data fraud and adds real value to your IT operation, but it is not a free service. A quick Google search reveals dozens of ITAD companies offering a ‘free’ IT recycling service. However, services that look too good to be true usually are – and while advertised as being free, these services come with a heavy, hidden cost.

These are good reasons why we believe that no ethical company can afford to use free IT recycling services:

Environment Agency Registrations

Many free ITAD companies do not have the proper registration required to dispose of e-waste legally. An asset disposal company should have a Waste Carrier Licence issued by the Environment Agency, which needs to be renewed every year. If in doubt, check the supplier’s renewal date before signing up for a collection.

WEEE Directive Compliance

Free services frequently do not demonstrate compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE 2013), and for good reason: Most of them do not have certificates of approval as Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATF).

Data Security Standards

When opting for a free service you have good reason to believe that the data on your devices is not secure and will not be disposed of in a safe and secure way. Many of these businesses can offer a ‘free’ service because they recoup their costs by refurbishing your assets and selling them on to the developing world.

There is a huge market in Africa, South America, Russia and Southeast Asia for refurbished smartphones, laptops and tablets. A sizeable proportion of these come from free IT recycling services in the West. The problem is that the data contained on these devices is not usually eradicated in accord with CESG Infosec standards, or their international equivalents.

This means that your customers are exposed to the risk of fraud and identity theft, something which will be costly to them and potentially ruinous to your brand. Is this a risk you’re willing to take for a ‘free’ service?

Environmental responsibility

At Absolute IT we guarantee a 0% landfill guarantee, meaning that none of your non-reusable assets will end up in a landfill site. IT assets such as batteries and monitor screens contain toxic compounds - including lead - that can cause damage the environment if allowed to leach into the soil. Most free services cannot guarantee environmental safety, as they are under financial pressure to dispose of non-marketable assets in the cheapest way possible. This inevitably leads to IT components being disposed of in landfill sites, whether in the UK or abroad.

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