What is IT Asset Disposal?

As IT Asset Disposal specialists, let’s get back to basics and talk definitions. What do we mean by IT asset disposal?

For our purposes at Absolute IT, asset disposal is where a computer or electronic storage device is removed from the ownership of a business and is processed by a third party for recycling or disposal.

In addition to this, we also deal with data erasure. This means making sure your redundant IT assets are completely stripped of all sensitive personal data before they’re recycled. This is an important point, as a lot of sensitive data remains on storage devices, even if they are wiped by conventional means. For complete peace of mind, we use Blancco, the market leading data sanitisation platform, to remove every trace of sensitive data on your assets, thus ensuring compliance with the DPA.

When would you need IT Asset Disposal?

Asset disposal is an integral part of the life-cycle of many big companies. It thus takes up a lot of the time and resources of many in-house IT teams. We provide a valuable service by partnering with you to take on this aspect of your IT function so that you can direct your resources to other tasks.

The following are just some of the circumstances in which asset disposal is appropriate:

  • When assets are being upgraded due to advances in technology
  • Replacement of faulty units under warranty
  • WEEE compliant disposal of broken equipment
  • Trade-ins or sale of assets
  • Return of assets at end of lease

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