WEEE Directive Policy

At Absolute IT we seek to apply sound environmental principles to all our business activities, in both words and actions. The foundation of our environmental policy is the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE). It is our policy to enact both the spirit and the letter of these directives within our work.

What is WEEE?

WEEE was created to reduce the amount of waste from electrical and electronic equipment that ended up in landfill sites. This directly affects businesses such as ours and entails a concerted effort to seek reuse or recycling options in preference to disposal.

It also involves creating business processes that minimise risk and impact to the environment.

What this means in practice:

In practice, compliance with WEEE involves actively managing waste in terms of what components can be reused. Therefore, all assets that are recycled or are first tested and assessed to see if any components can be salvaged, or if they can be utilised commercially (assuming all data has been safely and completely removed.)

We work with specialist waste management companies with Environment Agency approval and the expertise to process electronic waste in an environmentally sustainable way.

Computers, laptops, HDDs and other IT components: Once data is removed, computer base units are broken down into their component parts, sorted by ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics and circuit boards. Shredded HDDs and storage devices are also sorted into constituent materials and recycled appropriately.

Monitors: We work with an authorised monitor recycling partner that processes the redundant units and recovers recyclable materials while removing potentially harmful substrates from the monitors.

Laptop, tablet and phone batteries: As batteries contain environmentally hazardous materials, they are processed by a specialist waste management company, which neutralises the toxic components that cannot be recycled.

Cables are shredded down to separate the plastic casing, which can be recycled, from the copper wiring, which can be reused.

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