Computer Recycling And Disposal

For businesses looking for secure computer recycling and IT asset disposal, at Absolute IT we offer a professional and cost-effective data sanitisation service.

Why computer recycling is a security nightmare

In an age where cybercrime and identity fraud is on the increase, and customer data is stored on a growing number of devices, safely disposing of your IT assets is more important than ever.

As a business, your customers, suppliers and employees entrust you with personal and highly sensitive data. This includes personal information such as address, National Insurance number and date of birth, and can also extend to financial data, bank details, purchase history, credit ratings and consumer preferences. People have the right to expect that this information is kept safe and secure, as in the wrong hands it can leave them vulnerable to crime and discrimination.

Therefore, when disposing of data-storing IT equipment, you have a duty of care to thoroughly and completely eliminate all data stored on those devices. The only way to do this safely and in compliance with data protection legislation is to entrust this function to an established, well-qualified and professional asset disposal company: Absolute IT.

The dangers of free IT recycling

There are many companies you will find that offer a so-called free IT recycling service. These should be avoided as they are simply not safe. In many cases, old IT assets are inadequately cleansed of data before being consigned to landfill. In other cases, they are simply refurbished before being sold on in the developing world. In either case, you lose control over the safety of your customer’s data as soon as the assets are collected.

In the event of a security breach, you may be liable to extensive fines, loss of brand reputation and even imprisonment.

Choose Absolute IT for secure IT disposal

We offer a professional and competitively priced data sanitisation and IT asset disposal service. We will completely remove all data using advanced software, before recycling your IT components in an environmentally sustainable way. For each stage of the process, you will receive a documented audit trail that demonstrates an unbroken chain of responsibility from collection, through destruction, to secure recycling.

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