IT Asset Disposal

Asset Disposal is an integral part of the life-cycle of an IT inventory. With technology changing so rapidly, many businesses find themselves continually racing to catch up with the latest generations of servers, desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and storage devices. Obsolete technology poses a big question: how best to recycle or reuse these assets while safeguarding the data stored on them? Unsurprisingly, for large businesses, managing IT asset disposal takes up a significant amount of staff resources.

Absolute IT is a professional, IT asset disposal company (ITAD) that helps businesses like yours manage your IT life-cycle by securely disposing of redundant assets.

Why Choose Us

Our priority when helping you dispose of your assets is to ensure 100% compliance with data protection legislation and responsible recycling of all unwanted materials. Each item is collected by one of our team at a time of your convenience and then removed from the site for destruction. Our service utilizes industry leading Wipe Drive software which is CPA (NCSC) approved on magnetic hard drives. At each step of the journey, data security is ensured through an audit trail, with a destruction certificate issued for each item we recycle.

Find out more about IT Asset Disposal

Follow the links to the pages below to find out more about the different stages of the process, including why our service offers greater value, and far more security, than so-called ‘free’ IT recycling services.

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No matter how many assets you need recycling, we can provide a fast and cost-effective service. For a free quote tailored to your requirements, please send us a message through the form on this page. If you need any more information, one of our service team will be delighted to field your questions. You can call us directly on 01332 371 989.