Offsite Data Sanitisation

When only the highest standards of data security will do, we offer an off-site data sanitisation service that destroys all sensitive data, allowing you to recycle safely or reuse your IT assets.

Simply wiping an HDD is not sufficient to remove sensitive data. This merely removes the prompts that allow a user to access data, leaving the files themselves available to be restored through data extraction software.

Our software-based data cleaning process ensures your data is permanently removed from all storage devices by physically destroying the files themselves, all the while leaving your hardware untouched.

What is Covered?

Any device capable of storing personal data requires professional data cleansing before it is reused or recycled. We can safely clear data from the following electronic devices:

  • HDDs & Zip discs
  • DLT Discs, Mini-Cartridges and other magnetic backup tapes

Peace of Mind

When using our offsite data sanitisation service you can have complete trust that your duty of care to your customers under the DPA has been met.

We collect your equipment using one of our secure data transit vehicles, conveying it to our data centre in Derby. Here our engineers use the latest data cleansing software to sterilise your assets before returning them to you.

  • Our collection vehicles are satellite tracked so that your data is protected from theft and is secure at all times.
  • We own all our collection vehicles. Your driver will be an Absolute IT AD employee with security vetting to SC level.
  • Receive a complete, documented audit trail from the moment your equipment leaves your premises to when it is returned to you.
  • Data wiping standards certified up to CESG Infosec Level 5.

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